I am offering my 9 module course for budding entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. I have been in the small business sector for over 30 years and have seen many businesses thrive .. and fail. The one characteristic of businesses that don’t succeed is that they had no formal planning process.  Business planning shouldn’t stop at the start-up phase and even a business that has been in operation for 10-20 years can fail. Business planning is simply good business practice.

Starting a business requires a lot of thought and planning. If you look ahead and think strategically from the outset you have the advantage of planning for contingencies and mapping your route forward. You will have “Plan B’s” for every contingency.

My business planning process looks forward three years. Why? Most startups fail in 3 years and the CRA has a “reasonable expectation of profit” requirement for a startup.

I call my process, “creating your own Google Map.”  I will not guarantee that if you buy the course that your startup will be a success, but you will have a huge advantage over someone who starts their business on a shoestring with no idea what they are doing.

The course fee is $99.00 plus applicable provincial sales taxes. The payment method is through PayPal and I send the material to you via PDF format along with two Excel spreadsheets. The added benefit to you is that I will mentor you through the business planning phase: from the moment you start writing your plan until the plan is finished. I can review components of your plan and help and advise with the population of the Excel spreadsheets.

The course content is on the front page of my blog. Contact me if you have any additional queries.



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