Business Advisory Services!

I am offering my services to Ottawa and Eastern Ontario small businesses. Here is my business bio. Maybe I can help your business:




Business advisory service assignments either with a start-up business or a business that is currently encountering financial and operational difficulties. I am not looking to replace an accountant or a bookkeeper but rather to offer my financial management experience to current management.




·        Helping interpret financial results for non-financially trained business owners.

·        Benchmarking financial results so decision making is possible.

·        Helping business owners understand their cash flow, fixed cash burn rate and how the cost structure of their business impacts financial results.

·        Planning for growth and planning for contraction.

·        Preparing business plans and forecasts.

·      Preparing repayment proposals for the Canada Revenue Agency

·        Preparing loan proposals.

·        Training of in-house accounting staff.



·     I understand the mindset of the small business owner as well as the dynamic of family owned enterprises.

· Ability to explain financial information to non-financially trained people.

·        Cash flow forecasting (short and long term).

·        Excellent oral and written communications skills

·   Helping to implement a recovery plan of businesses with bank credit lines and loans.

·        Worked with a commercial lender, bankruptcy trustee and company management in a very difficult CCCA bankruptcy protection process.



·   Worked and consulted to three family owned enterprises in retail, towing and real estate consulting – a total of 17 years

·Financial controller in a towing firm and trucking business.

·Other sector experience: HVAC sales, installation and service, high technology, and real estate brokerage.

·   Financial services industry for 2 ½ years as a consultant  with Investors Group Financial Services in Ottawa Ontario.

·        Mentored startups at Invest Ottawa.

·        I am a quality control advisor at In-TAC Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in Ottawa.



· Understanding Financial Statements and Understanding Business Cash Flows for Small Business Owners. These seminars were delivered at both the Ottawa Public Library and the Smiths Falls Business Access Centres in 2012 and 2013.

·     Planning Your Business Startup. This 5 hour (2 class) seminar was delivered at the Ottawa Public Library in 2012 and 2013.

·        Starting Your Own Business. This 8 hour (4 class) seminar was delivered at the Ottawa Carleton District School Board in September 2012.

·        Accounting, Cash Flow and Taxation issue for Small Business Owners. This 3 hour presentation was delivered at LASI World Skills, Ottawa in 2013.

·Author of a 118 page e-book called The Work-From-Home Business Manual. This e-book helps home business entrepreneurs start and run a business from their home.

·        I have developed a 9 module course called “Starting Your Own Business 101”. It will soon be offered on my blogsite.



·        I currently teach Small Business Accounting at the Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre, 381 Kent Street, Ottawa Ontario. I developed the 12 class course study program and have been an instructor there since 2010.

·        I mentored one of the attendees who attended a business startup class. She now runs an ethnic take-out restaurant in Ottawa.



·Controllership & advanced controllership, Canadian Management Centre, Toronto Ontario  2000 & 2001.

· Certified General Accountant (CGA) – September 1988

  •   Bachelor of Commerce Degree – Carleton University 1972


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