Do you want to become an entrepreneur?

This is a dream of many employees. They are fed up with being a casualty when the economy sours or they are low-person on the totem pole and are sacrificed for the sake of their tenured colleagues.

Self employment is not easy.  You must run your business as if you were in a perpetual state of need – need to find clients, need to generate profit, need to generate free cash flow and need to provide for yourself and family. The “need” principle is what sours people from pursuing self employment. It is not easy.  The self employed person is a special breed of cat. He/she must be determined, not easily scared and relentless in the pursuit of business goals and objectives.

The mitigating factor that will increasingly make self employment attractive is that the types of jobs employers are looking for in the future will be staffed by either very well educated and trained people or part-time hourly people. There are opportunities for entrepreneurs who see some “space in the middle.”

No I am not promoting tech entrepreneurship per se. This is a valuable new economy option. There are a lot of non-tech start-up opportunities available. If you are thinking of entering the challenging world of self employment. Plan and think before you leap.

I will be writing a series of articles that are geared to the start-up entrepreneur. The articles will be based on my first-hand experiences (good and bad) in this world.

Maybe one of my blog followers will become a self employed entrepreneur?



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