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They are not the same but at times are used inter-changeably by business owners. Marketing is an activity that involves:

  • Researching a sector for a niche client
  • Finding the customer demographic -age, locale, income level, education level etc.
  • Finding why (the above) demographic buys and what are their buying habits
  • Determining where a potential customer is – geographically and their disposable income levels

There are more of course but those are a few important ones.

Selling involves closing the deal after you have determined what market you operate in. Selling can include: media advertising, direct sales, etc.

The key point to remember is: you can “sell” but don’t expect to have any success unless you know your market.

The other important point to note is that the market can shift. A “20 something” young urban adult will have different wants and needs in their 30s than they do in their 20s. Make sure that you analyze your market on a regular basis so you can target your selling activities.